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Commercial Locksmith Services

There is definitely a difference between locksmith providing domestic services and one providing commercial services. The major difference is in the domain and the size of a home, commercial or a business unit. If you have a large business or you work in some technology oriented firm, where you need to be cautious about security or you handle accounts of your firm, then locksmith who you intend to hire needs to be trained and professional. He needs to ensure maximum protection to your home, showroom and all business belonging.

Queen Locksmith in New York offers commercial services which are:

  1. Installation of vaults and safes up to professional grades
  2. Repairing keys and lock change, including main locks, safes, door locks etc.
  3. In case you forget the code combination of your safe and vaults, our experts are able to help you in this situation. We can help you in securing the lost codes and combinations
  4. Installation of all together new systems of master keys
  5. Installation of special locking systems for commercial use.

Queens locksmith understand your commercial safety requirements and their services are oriented towards providing you with the ultimate solutions. Contact us and let us serve you.